Our Programs

It is the mission & purpose of Powered to Move to promote physical fitness among persons with disabilities to increase their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We strive to make these opportunities both physically and financially accessible. Guidelines for Inclusive Road Races

Hand-cycle Program:

Individual instruction in hand-cycling skills and safety. Loaner Hand-cycles available. Opportunities to partisipate in local races as part of the Powered to Move team. Interested in exploring the sport of hand cycling?   Please contact mike@poweredtomove for information on how to get involved.

Adapted Fitness Program:

Powered to Move promotes physical fitness among persons with disabilities to increase their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Through our Adapted Fitness program, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities are connected to local fitness professionals to receive fitness training specific to their needs. The program addresses the barriers to fitness in the disability community, including the financial, transportation, accessibility barriers, as well as providing knowledgeable trainers familiar with the unique needs of people with disabilities. Please contact sharyn@poweredtomove for more information.

Wingman Racing Program:

Allow persons with physical and Intellectual disabilities to participate in local races (1mile fun walk/runs, 5ks or longer) with the assistance of a Wingman Team. Wingmen are able-bodied volunteers who support the athlete with physical disabilities through the race and across the finish line using joggers or adaptive equipment (provided by P2M).   For those with intellectual disabilities, Wingmen operate as a buddy by walking or running with the athlete, allowing them to experience all the physical and social benefits of racing. (Wingman or Athlete Interest Form)

Adaptive Sports Equipment Grants:

Powered to Move provides adaptive grants in North Texas and surrounding area for equipment that will help families affected by disabilities stay active together. Our focus is to provide funds for equipment such as adapted running joggers, tandem wheelchair bikes, etc.(Adaptive Grant Interest)  We are focused on providing needed equipment for recreational use, not elite athletes and for those who would not typically qualify for funding through other organizations such as Challenged Athletes. For information on Challenged Athletes Grants.


Founder, Mike King is a frequent speaker at churches, youth groups, service organizations and businesses, covering topics that address disability awareness, suffering, God's view of disability and living a life of purpose. Complete the interest form  if you are interested in scheduling Mike as a speaker.

 For more information on our programs, please contact sharyn@poweredtomove

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