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All Eyes on Carolyn

C.Adams - son Santa Run

Powered to Move is very excited to welcome Carolyn Adams to our team. She will be joining us August 1st as our new Adapted Fitness Manager and taking over our bootcamps, curriculum/lesson planning and will be working on some fun new formats coming soon. She is a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and has a background in the school system working with special needs. She has tremendous passion for training folks with varying disabilities.   From Autism to Down Syndrome to training folks with physical disabilities, Carolyn believe everyone can participate in workouts at their own level, feel confident and have a great time doing it.  

She began her journey in the world of disability when her youngest son was diagnosed with Autism 13 years ago. When he started school she began working for the Special Education program that he attended. After working in education forC.Adams pushing Mayra nearly 10 years she felt compelled to combine her passion for fitness and those with Special Needs.

She shares, “my job as a special needs fitness trainer is to adapt my programming to fit the individual's learning style and fitness needs. Sometimes I have to change things up regularly depending on what is going on with them emotionally and physically. This flexibility allows me to help participants achieve the best workout they can considering their current circumstances. I feel that I am more than just a trainer, I am a motivator, life coach, and hopefully a friend! Inclusion is like a ripple in a pond, a small drop of water can cause ripples throughout an entire pond, just as an act of inclusion can spread joy and hope throughout a community and beyond. Participation looks different for everyone, and we all need to hear words of encouragement, empowerment, and support.”

Carolyn believes this is the path God has intended her to follow. We couldn’t agree more. Welcome Carolyn to the Powered to Move team!

Join Us for a Round

moc run 360 x 360Join us on September 7th for Powered to Move's Golf Tournament at Moccasin Run in Atlglen, PA. It will be a great day on a beautiful course with team and individual prizes, food and beverages. Your participation will help raise funds and awareness for the great need for physical fitness among people with intellectual and physical disabilities and support our programs making fitness fun and accessible for all. 

For more information or to register please contact - or contact Rodney King at 610 - 593-7322.  


Access Life 2018 Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course - cropped 177 x 168It’s Expo time in Texas!  That’s right, the 7th annual Access-Life Expo in North Texas for individuals and families living with disabilities is only a month away!  Please join us Saturday, June 9th from 10am* to 2pm at Oak Grove Park in Grapevine, Texas. (*Volunteers arrive by 8:30am).

We are looking forward to a great day of fellowship and fun! Along with the boat rides, bank fishing, archery, kayaking, games, arts and crafts and food, we have some NEW activities to enjoy including a full adaptive recreation area hosted by a great local ministry, as well as a variety of other resource exhibitors, too.  As always it is completely FREE.

Click HERE to register to PARTICIPATE or VOLUNTEER or register by phone at 352-455-9926.

Feel free to forward, post and share the information with others who may be interested in joining us for a blessed day in God’s great outdoors!

Courageous Kingsley

kingsley and akilah 300 x 400

Through our Adapted Fitness program, we have the privilege of meeting many courageous people, like our friend Kingsley. His is a story of overcoming and determination.   He was born with cerebral palsy and walks with crutches to help him balance but growing up he was less mobile. From ages 3-7 he was heavily dependent on a wheelchair.

“I can definitely say my biggest roadblock to staying active and fit was just trying to discover different activities and exercise that I could adapt to fit my ability and strength level. For example, when I went to my local recreation center where I live I had asked the staff if they had or knew of any adaptive sports I could participate in and the answer was no”

In early 2000’s he took action and was instrumental in starting a petition to create a wheelchair coed basketball team to emphasize the importance of staying active in the disabled community. A huge benefit was the sense of belonging and friendship. Kingsley’s petition brought great awareness about the severe need for better inclusion in extracurricular activities for individuals with disabilities. Challenges still exist for Kingsley today; he is constantly encountering barriers such as getting on a treadmill or trying to ride a typical bike. This led him to seek out additional organizations such as Powered to Move.

Through Powered to Move’s Adapted Fitness Program Kingsley has noticed his energy skyrocketing through the roof. He sleeps better and his mood has changed to much happier! He has lost over 50 pounds by working with an individual trainer and dietitian!

There are several misconceptions people have regarding individuals with disabilities. People are always shocked that even with difficulties Kingsley manages a fairly typical life with a wife, 5 kids and a full-time job.   Kingsley feels, “It is important for society to know and understand that people with physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities are able to live full and productive lives.” Kingsley is a true testament to how fitness can change individuals with disabilities lives.

Spring News!

Powered to DANCE/Powered to DRUM with Drumba - Update

drumbaPowered to DANCE  just finished the spring sessions and our participants had a great time learning different dance formats and specific movements.  The mission of Powered to Move is to help folks with different types of disabilities find ways to stay active that they enjoy.  Powered to DANCE has encouraged the participants to keep moving in different participant has gone on to take more dance classes,
and another has found new confidence.  His mom shared,

"It's been so much fun for my son & has touched my heart to see him more active & doing something he loves.  He has a hard time with jumping & lifting his feet. However, he loves music and always tries to dance (to the best of his abilities). In the last class at the very end he asked for me to take off his shoes and leg braces. A huge shock since he is so dependent on them and normally is not comfortable doing that outside of home (his safe zone). I took them off and he ran back into the class and was actually at times getting a little air in his steps (a few skips). SO amazing what music, dancing and just some fun socializing can do for you.  We do so many therapies every week that feel like hard work, so it was a delight to have an activity that was fun and therapeutic at the same time."  

It doesn't get any better than receiving responses like this!

Powered to DRUM with Drumba just started.  We've had a fantastic time cardio drumming to some current hit songs and classic oldies from the 80's.  We have a full house and some real rockstar drummers.  There is lots of evidence that drumming is therapeutic for those with special needs and it's also a very effective cardio workout.

 But most of all it's FUN and mom/dad/caregivers are getting in on it too!  One mom shared, "it's not often that we get to do something like this together.  We are having a great time, it's good for me, but also my son's special needs have been considered.  

Stay tuned for more Dancing, Drumming, Adapted Bootcamps, Racing and MORE!

Handcycle / Wingman Program News!

Powered to Move giddy upped at the 40th annual Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth.  Our Wingman Teams and Handcyclist did not disappoint...rolling like the wind in the marathon and half marathon.  A few weeks later, Handcyclists - Ben, Addis, Mike and John participated in Ride Ataxia - an advanced 25 miles, very hilly ride.  

Next up is the Big Star Half and Cinco De Mayo Race!  We have teams in all lengths running, rolling, riding and walking.  #MoveWhatYouCan


Upcoming Events

Save the Date - Powered to Q - Join us on September 29th for some food, fun and festivities!  Details coming soon.