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Powered to Move and Move What You Can Camp are more than doing fitness and nutrition activities.  Coach Carolyn shares an inspirational life changed story about Liz below.

One of the best things about being a Coach and Personal Trainer with Powered to Move is helping our participants improve their health!  It is heartwarming to see participants in our day programs progress to moves they previously could not perform, to see a boost in their cardiovascular endurance, their strength increase, and movement patterns improve. One of the most dramatic changes we see though cannot be measured in reps, sets, or pounds. This achievement can be seen in the faces of our participants, and how they carry themselves throughout the day, this achievement is confidence. We have many uplifting personal stories to share, but this month we are focusing on a participant named Liz. Liz is very quiet and had the tendency to want to stay in the corner unseen. We began to notice a change in her in February during our kickboxing unit, apparently, a pair of boxing gloves and some awesome kickboxing moves were the keys to increasing Liz’s self-confidence during our workouts. After that, we saw quite a difference with her participation in our workouts.  Liz attended our first ever P2M camp in June. She was sure of herself during all of the workouts and activities we had throughout the week, even activities that were new to her. Way to go Liz, we cannot wait to see what an awesome job you do in our upcoming Summer/Fall session, and your determination will help motivate others to #MoveWhatYouCan

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