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crullfitness2One of our mottos at Powered to Move is #TogetherWeCan.  We want to give a special shoutout to one of our very special partners, Crull Fitness who align with P2M’s heart and mission.  Crull Fitness was created to give every athlete the opportunity to achieve all of their athletic and fitness goals.  Their programs are designed to cover everything from individual & team sports performance training, as well as personal & group training.  We want to highlight specifically their special needs program called Champions Challenge.

 Champions Challenge gives everyone a chance to succeed at the same time making it affordable for families.  When it comes to personal and group training for individuals with various physical and cognitive disabilities Crull Fitness trainers have over 15 years experience.  Their goal is to create a family atmosphere while bringing high energy and motivation to each exercise.

 We asked Coach Red at Crull Fitness what benefits he’d seen by training individuals with disabilities and their staying active.  He said…

“We’ve seen individuals in wheelchairs move to walkers, walkers move to crutches, and those with crutches moving freely. We have seen those that are shy and timid become more comfortable with communicating not only with the trainers but also with other gym members.  We train the Champions just like we train everyone else. Our trainers focus on what can be accomplished instead of what can’t!”

Thank you friends at Crull Fitness for helping EVERY ONE #MoveWhatTheyCan