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J.Adams weight above headJ.Adams weight above head

Summer is here meaning school is out, vacations are here and parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities need to keep everyone busy and active.  Summer fun can incorporate the whole family being active at the park, pool, zoo, splash pad, trampoline park, or strolling and biking the local walking trail.  Though some days, it might be just too gosh darn hot in this summer heat forcing activities inside.  So…

“What type of physical activities can we do at home to help our loved one with both physical and sensory needs?”

Coach Carolyn has multiple suggestions just for YOU.  The following activities are all Organizing Activities, which are considered middle of the road, so these activities will be able to alert someone that is under-stimulated, or calm someone that is over-stimulated. Consider heavy work, or lifting, it could be lightweights you have at home or doing some household chores that involve lifting. Other ideas - resistance bands, jumping on a trampoline, wheelbarrow walking, crawling (make tunnels to make it more adventurous), wall pushes with hands or feet, sitting and balancing on a stability ball, frog jump, bear crawl, crab walk, passing a weighted ball, scooter boards (a towel on a hard surface floor can be substituted.) For a real challenge set up several activities altogether to create an obstacle course, these can be changed out with different activities every so often to challenge your child. Whatever you do just be sure to have fun, enjoy and #MoveWhatYouCan!