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Through our Adapted Fitness program, we have the privilege of meeting many courageous people, like our friend Kingsley. His is a story of overcoming and determination.   He was born with cerebral palsy and walks with crutches to help him balance but growing up he was less mobile. From ages 3-7 he was heavily dependent on a wheelchair.

“I can definitely say my biggest roadblock to staying active and fit was just trying to discover different activities and exercise that I could adapt to fit my ability and strength level. For example, when I went to my local recreation center where I live I had asked the staff if they had or knew of any adaptive sports I could participate in and the answer was no”

In early 2000’s he took action and was instrumental in starting a petition to create a wheelchair coed basketball team to emphasize the importance of staying active in the disabled community. A huge benefit was the sense of belonging and friendship. Kingsley’s petition brought great awareness about the severe need for better inclusion in extracurricular activities for individuals with disabilities. Challenges still exist for Kingsley today; he is constantly encountering barriers such as getting on a treadmill or trying to ride a typical bike. This led him to seek out additional organizations such as Powered to Move.

Through Powered to Move’s Adapted Fitness Program Kingsley has noticed his energy skyrocketing through the roof. He sleeps better and his mood has changed to much happier! He has lost over 50 pounds by working with an individual trainer and dietitian!

There are several misconceptions people have regarding individuals with disabilities. People are always shocked that even with difficulties Kingsley manages a fairly typical life with a wife, 5 kids and a full-time job.   Kingsley feels, “It is important for society to know and understand that people with physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities are able to live full and productive lives.” Kingsley is a true testament to how fitness can change individuals with disabilities lives.