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Liz Leading the Way

Powered to Move and Move What You Can Camp are more than doing fitness and nutrition activities.  Coach Carolyn shares an inspirational life changed story about Liz below.

One of the best things about being a Coach and Personal Trainer with Powered to Move is helping our participants improve their health!  It is heartwarming to see participants in our day programs progress to moves they previously could not perform, to see a boost in their cardiovascular endurance, their strength increase, and movement patterns improve. One of the most dramatic changes we see though cannot be measured in reps, sets, or pounds. This achievement can be seen in the faces of our participants, and how they carry themselves throughout the day, this achievement is confidence. We have many uplifting personal stories to share, but this month we are focusing on a participant named Liz. Liz is very quiet and had the tendency to want to stay in the corner unseen. We began to notice a change in her in February during our kickboxing unit, apparently, a pair of boxing gloves and some awesome kickboxing moves were the keys to increasing Liz’s self-confidence during our workouts. After that, we saw quite a difference with her participation in our workouts.  Liz attended our first ever P2M camp in June. She was sure of herself during all of the workouts and activities we had throughout the week, even activities that were new to her. Way to go Liz, we cannot wait to see what an awesome job you do in our upcoming Summer/Fall session, and your determination will help motivate others to #MoveWhatYouCan

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Summer Activities for ALL

Looking for fun activities to keep you busy during the summer months? Well, you’re in luck because we compiled this comprehensive list with loads of inclusive events and activities to choose from.

Summer Camps & Programs For Individuals With Special Needs

Dedicated exclusively to camps that serve individuals with one or more of a wide range of special needs.  Locate a summer camp or program based upon your particular requirements and criteria.  There are more than those located in TX.

Very Special Camps

REACH -Resource Centers of Independent Living Summer Camps

This camp is for any young person with a disability, who is between the ages of 13-22 years old.  It is FREE!  Attendant care will not be provided. Please call to see if your teen qualifies by July 11th.  Seating is limited!  Number varies per location, check them out here REACH

GOAL - Green Oaks Adult Learning

Green Oaks Adult Learning is excited to offer a summer full education programs and fun designed for adults who have intellectual disabilities. Since each week stands alone and themes change weekly, families can enroll in whichever weeks are desired.  Schedules are tailored to the individual and participants may enroll for part or full days, fro

Camps 541 x 400

m one to five days a week.  Dayhab funds may be utilized for part of the program.

Green Oaks Summer Programs

Deer Creek Camp - Friends Week

Friends Week-This week of camp is designed and set aside for children and adults with special needs. This week of camp is filled with fun activities that enable each camper to step out of their comfort zone, make new friends, and grow in their faith. Some of these include swimming in the pool, performing in our annual Talent Show, singing songs at Team Meeting, playing sports, doing arts and crafts, and so much more. Volunteers provide a 1:1 Camper to “Buddy” Ratio.

Deer Creek Camp

Bachman Recreation Center - Dallas, TX

In addition to serving the needs of the neighborhood that surrounds Bachman Recreation Center, it also caters to people who are mentally, physically and emotionally disabled; and has done so for more than 30 years. The recreation center was constructed in 1979 and is truly a one of a kind facility. The land with the lake was owned by Margaret and John B. Bachman. In 1854 the Bachman’s were granted 298 acres, where now, Love Field, Bachman Lake and Bachman Recreation center are located.

An interactive, inclusive storytime ideal for children with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration challenges or short attention spans. Activities are designed to stimulate the senses and promote learning - read books, sing songs, move around and have fun! Visit the children’s desk or email for more info and to check availability. Ages 3 & up.

Plano Recreation Centers

SNAP Storytime (ages 3 & up)

An interactive, inclusive storytime ideal for children with special needs such as autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration challenges or short attention spans. Activities are designed to stimulate the senses and promote learning - read books, sing songs, move around and have fun! Visit the children’s desk or email for more info and to check availability.  Registration required either by email () or in person at Davis and Parr.

SNAP Family Storytime (all ages)

For children with ASD and other special needs and their families. Books, songs, movement activities, playtime, high structure and interaction in a sensory-sensitive environment that includes parents and siblings. Visit the children's desk or email sensorystorytime@ for more info and to check availability

SNAP STEAM Saturdays (all ages)

For children with ASD and other special needs and their families to experience STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music in their own way. Engagement, structure, and fun. Visit the children’s desk or email for more info and to check availability.

SNAP Autism Friendly Movies  (all ages)

Join us for Autism- and sensory-friendly movie showings. These screenings are shown with the lights up and the volume lowered. Children are free to move around and talk as needed And Adapted Recreation opportunities - Plano City Recreation

CAMP -  Children’s Association for Maximum Potential

Since 1979, CAMP has been providing recreational programming for children and adults with developmental, intellectual, medical, behavioral, and physical disabilities. They believe that “CAMP is for the camper” and our goal is to help every camper reach their maximum potential.  Their 1:1 camper to counselor ratio and volunteer medical staff are key to providing a safe and fun-filled experience.  CAMP not only offers fun and safe enrichment activities for children with special needs, but for their siblings as well, providing parents much-needed respite from childcare boggy creek header 1 759x500 600 x 395

Here is the schedule for this summer: Summer Schedule

About CAMP

Camp for All

Camp is a place where all children get to experience opportunities for independence, increased self-confidence, and community-living skills. For children and adults with special needs and challenging illnesses, this is even truer. Camp For All helps our campers Discover Life by showing them that there are other people out there with the same issues. Campers also find out more things that they can do at Camp For All due to our barrier-free facilities, universal programming and understanding staff.

Many options are near Houston.   Most of the camps do not charge the campers to attend. In order to help make that happen, they work to raise more than $2.4 million annually to help cover half the cost for each camper.

Camp For All

Crull Fitness Champions Challenge

crullfitness2One of our mottos at Powered to Move is #TogetherWeCan.  We want to give a special shoutout to one of our very special partners, Crull Fitness who align with P2M’s heart and mission.  Crull Fitness was created to give every athlete the opportunity to achieve all of their athletic and fitness goals.  Their programs are designed to cover everything from individual & team sports performance training, as well as personal & group training.  We want to highlight specifically their special needs program called Champions Challenge.

 Champions Challenge gives everyone a chance to succeed at the same time making it affordable for families.  When it comes to personal and group training for individuals with various physical and cognitive disabilities Crull Fitness trainers have over 15 years experience.  Their goal is to create a family atmosphere while bringing high energy and motivation to each exercise.

 We asked Coach Red at Crull Fitness what benefits he’d seen by training individuals with disabilities and their staying active.  He said…

“We’ve seen individuals in wheelchairs move to walkers, walkers move to crutches, and those with crutches moving freely. We have seen those that are shy and timid become more comfortable with communicating not only with the trainers but also with other gym members.  We train the Champions just like we train everyone else. Our trainers focus on what can be accomplished instead of what can’t!”

Thank you friends at Crull Fitness for helping EVERY ONE #MoveWhatTheyCan

An Active May

The Powered to Move Adapted Fitness Programs closed out their session with a fun fitness challenge for the month of May. Our four Day Programs were challenged to see who could achieve the most active minutes on the days P2M wasn’t there working with them. It was a close competition, and all of the programs did an amazing job of keeping active, but in the end Open Horizons won with the most total minutes AND average minutes per day.

We love being able to foster independence in our participants' fitness routines, as well as nurture a love for health and fitness in their everyday lives. Stay tuned on social media for lots of fun pictures from our programs throughout the year. Our fitness challenge will continue over the Summer while we are on break, and we cannot wait to see how everyone #MovesWhatTheyCan!

Coach's Corner June 2019

J.Adams weight above headJ.Adams weight above head

Summer is here meaning school is out, vacations are here and parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities need to keep everyone busy and active.  Summer fun can incorporate the whole family being active at the park, pool, zoo, splash pad, trampoline park, or strolling and biking the local walking trail.  Though some days, it might be just too gosh darn hot in this summer heat forcing activities inside.  So…

“What type of physical activities can we do at home to help our loved one with both physical and sensory needs?”

Coach Carolyn has multiple suggestions just for YOU.  The following activities are all Organizing Activities, which are considered middle of the road, so these activities will be able to alert someone that is under-stimulated, or calm someone that is over-stimulated. Consider heavy work, or lifting, it could be lightweights you have at home or doing some household chores that involve lifting. Other ideas - resistance bands, jumping on a trampoline, wheelbarrow walking, crawling (make tunnels to make it more adventurous), wall pushes with hands or feet, sitting and balancing on a stability ball, frog jump, bear crawl, crab walk, passing a weighted ball, scooter boards (a towel on a hard surface floor can be substituted.) For a real challenge set up several activities altogether to create an obstacle course, these can be changed out with different activities every so often to challenge your child. Whatever you do just be sure to have fun, enjoy and #MoveWhatYouCan!

Meet Kelly - Finding New Ways to MOVE!

Kelly Butler has always been active. She was heavily involved in recreational athletics, including cycling where she rode in the MS 150 and many triathlons. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 10 years ago, but only recently experienced significant disability due to the disease. In 2018 her symptoms worsened when she experienced Transverse Myelitis, which left her with very limited movement, spasticity and decreased sensation in both of her legs which ultimately resulted in the need to use a wheelchair.

Kelly shares, “I have had to adapt how I perform all of my daily activities--from the basics like showering, dressing & household chores to my recreation and leisure activities. Until I found Powered to Move I was limited by inaccessible equipment.  Sports equipment for those with disabilities is specialized and much more expensive. Thanks to P2M I have been able to get back to riding!  Kelly attended an expo last summer that allowed participants to try lots of different adaptive sports and recreation activities. It was there that she fell in love with handcycling. “On that bike I felt a part of myself that I had not felt for several months--the active me—come back to life! For the first time since becoming disabled I felt that I could still participate in activities and sports I loved. But when I began researching them I quickly discovered that purchase was not going to be in the budget for quite some time. So I "hung up" that dream. It wasn't long before P2M came to the rescue and got me riding!! Handcycling hasn't just provided the physical benefits of exercise, it's also benefitted me emotionally. Not being able to do as much as I used to has led to feelings of decreased self-worth. Being given this opportunity that someone who had never met me felt my desire to stay active was important enough to offer me a hand cycle to use really squelched any feelings of worthlessness. I believe it's important for everyone to have a tribe of like minded and supportive people that encourage you to be your best and believe in you when you are not able to believe in yourself. P2M offers this--not just in its community of people who are thriving despite a disability but they also offer opportunities to meet the unique challenges disabled individuals face trying to stay active. I am so excited to join in group rides and participate in races and events with the P2M team.” “No one likes to feel left out. Unfortunately, those with disabilities are frequently left out of recreational activities, particularly sports and exercise. Adapting sports and exercise opportunities to include those with disabilities offers the physical, emotional and social benefits of an active lifestyle to more individuals. Healthier people leads to a stronger community.”

We are excited to get Kelly riding again! #MoveWhatYouCan