About P2M

Powered to Move (P2M) was formed to build communities where people with and without disabilities are able to pursue the benefits of physical activity together, creating an environment where physical, emotional and spiritual well being can thrive and all abilities are valued.

mike-kingMike King - Founder and Executive Director

A motorcycle accident in 1978, left Mike then 20, a paraplegic and wheelchair user.  Mike's 1986 book, "The Mike King Story", details the story of his trip pushing his wheelchair from Fairbanks, Alaska to Washington, D.C in 120 days.  Mike shares his physical, emotional and spiritual journey as he pushed those 5,605.8 miles and discovered God's grace and love.  Mike's love of physical activity continued after the trip and he went on to become a wheelchair athlete, competing in track and field and road racing at an elite level all over the world, including the Pan American Games and World Games.  Mike also rediscovered his love of skiing and became an adaptive ski instructor and has provided instruction for people with disabilities including veterans through Disabled Sports USA and Baltimore Adaptive Recreation. He joined the staff of Joni and Friends in 2007 and participated in programs for people with disabilities throughout the East Coast until he moved to Texas in 2013. Mike is a frequent speaker in schools, universities, churches and business, promoting adaptive fitness and sports and disability awareness.  

I was pretty depressed after my accident.  Although sports wasn't the only thing that help me to move through my depression, becoming physically active helped to fill the empty spots in my life, to stop focusing on what I couldn't do anymore and really enjoy what I could do.


sharyn-kingSharyn Brautigan King - Co Founder  and Operations Director

Sharyn's introduction to disability came when she joined the staff of Joni and Friends, Dallas in 1997. Through Joni and Friends, she participated in programs for people with disabilities throughout the south including helping to launch a programs for post 9/11 veterans and she saw first hand the needs among the disability community, including social isolation.  Always interested in staying physically fit, Sharyn loved to participate in local road races, biking events and hiking groups, not only for the physical benefits, but the social interaction.  However, she noticed that people affected by disabilities rarely participated in these events.  After being introduced to some innovative nonprofits taking steps to include people with disabilities in their local races, she knew she wanted to do more.

People with disabilities just want to experience the joys that come with being active, the satisfaction of reaching a personal goal, the sheer fun of being outdoors, riding a bike or hiking a hill...and they can, with a little help and willingness from some able bodied friends.


Mike and Sharyn met through a leadership training conference held by Joni and Friends and have served the disability community together in a variety of programs.  They married in 2008 and the race has been on every since!!

Founder Interview: Mike King